January 8, Thursday. Journal Excerpt

Week # 16

We went to see Uta, the midwife we have chosen to work with, lovely little blue-eyed elf of a woman with a peaceful personality and a great bio: I have been a midwife for 26 years, completing my midwifery education in 1981 in Germany and since then have attended approximately 2000 births. The midwifery care I provide is built upon my strong belief in birth as a natural process. I see myself as a professional guide accompanying women during this very intense personal experience and I am very passionate about the special services and care our ancient profession has to offer.

I am educated in classical homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and herbal medicine for use in pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period. I registered with the College of Midwives of BC in 2006 and have been working as a midwife in Victoria since the summer of 2007.

Doesn’t that sound like someone you would want on your team!?

We all had a lovely visit and my blood tests all came back wonderfully, no disease (!), good iron, and I am an A+ blood type which I didn’t know. (NOTE: Having my blood tested was one of the two tests I had done during my pregnancy. The second was a test for GBS. Both of these tests were non-invasive and I felt that the information they provided was very useful. Tests I declined included ultrasound, gestational diabetes, and use of the doppler.) Uta had a hard time finding the baby’s heartbeat today, baby was feeling shy and hiding. We could hear it moving around a lot though, and I started to laugh, listening to all the precious kicks and jumps. We finally heard it and baby was down low on the left side. I was just now thinking about it moving all around and sitting down there and it made me feel so flooded with love. My baby is doing such adorable things already!