January 21, Wednesday. Journal Excerpt

Week # 18

I am getting bigger and bigger, the ravenous hunger of pregnancy seems to have finally arrived! While meditating this morning I could not stop the stream of food thoughts: Spaghetti with tomato sauce, steamed veggies, miso soup, green smoothies, pancakes (oh I really wanted pancakes!) with strawberries and yoghurt, chocolate, sesame milk, wildfire vegan pizza…..So now I am sitting here with an amazing GREEN SMOOTHIE!! (I still want pancakes though)

I’ve been gaining weight at what feels like a rapid clip. I woke up on Monday morning feeling puffy faced and just plain fat….hooray that same day I found a book that reminded me to celebrate my body from the inside rather than the outside! I am going through an amazing transformation right now that does not fit in a box. I am a yummy mummy and I celebrate the changes my body is going through on this journey to motherhood.

Wonderful things:

I have been feeling the baby move! Always when I am lying quietly in bed, little tiny bloops. I first felt them on Jan. 16, the end of week 17.

I had a beautiful dream about breast feeding my baby, and the next day as I was sitting topless in a sunny window I looked down and my nipples were leaking a clear fluid, pre-colostrum. The most amazing thing I have seen my body do yet, getting ready to feed my baby.

I discovered the Crystal Pool next door uses ozone, so I’ve been swimming again.