January 27, Tuesday – Feb 2, Monday. Journal Excerpts

Week #18-19

Feel fantastic. It snowed this morning and it has now turned to a grey drizzle. Just got back from the pool and felt like I could charge through the water like I used to.

I celebrate my changing body, so grateful for its strength, health and wisdom. I love my full breasts, my swelling belly, my dancing baby! One of my favorite things to do is feel the baby dancing and kicking away, growing bigger and stronger every day.

On Saturday I worked 10 hours at Café Bliss for a crazy, wild, busy day, the second busiest day @ Bliss yet. Heather and I are an amazing team, we rocked! But by the end of the day I felt pretty wacked and I couldn’t tell if it was really busy or if I was just hungry, pregnant, and tired. When I did the cash out I could say YES it was busy!


Making juice at Cafe Bliss with a 4 month baby belly!

Finn felt the baby kicking on Sunday. She is the second one to feel it besides me (David was the first.) Her whole face lit up! She is very affectionate and loves touching my belly and always remembers to say “goodnight June Bug baby!” She said the baby’s kicks felt like tingles and a little bump.