October 2009

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Well, after all that, I just couldn’t stop coveting an Ergo. I continued to poll every mom I saw with one and they all continued to rave about it, and then I got an email from Jingee that said:

The benefits of Baby-Wearing are many! — enhances bonding, convenient for parents, promotes mental and emotional health for baby, and on and on! My first back-packs were those uncomfortable geri-packs with steel bars cutting in to my back. Slings were nice, but too unbalanced for my spine. Those nice big balanced hiking backpacks were a big improvement, but heavy! And then I started seeing people wearing The Ergo Baby Carrier. I bought one when Yarrow was born, and I am absolutely in love with it! From the time she was a newborn, I could carry her on my front, back, or side with the Ergo and do housework with Yarrow happily snuggled up against me. And even now I can hike for hours with my two year old on my back, and we are both totally comfortable! And you can now choose organic cotton material!

and well, I love Jingee and she loves the Ergo, so I went back to try it on.

The first time I had tried it, I had Sophia in the stroller and she was asleep so I didn’t actually try it on with her in it. So, this time I walked to Mothering Touch with Sophia in the Snugli and then tried her in the Ergo. Oh my, it was as though I wasn’t even carrying her it is so comfortable! What a difference after the old Sungli (I do love you old Snugli but you dig into my shoulders so much!) So, I entered with a Snugli, and I exited with an Ergo and I have to agree with all the raving moms, I LOVE IT! And so does Sophia! She fell asleep in it on the way home, and when she woke up she looked up at me and gave me a huge smile. For more information on the Ergo you can check out their website (click on me) You might just luck out and find one on Craig’s List, but for a full selection, see the Ergo headquarters!

As for the new cloth diapers, I’m still trying to decide what kind to buy for this next phase of Sophia’s life as she gets more and more active!

Happy baby-wearing!

Love Katrina

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After seeing so many Ergos around on happy looking moms with happy looking babies, I decided I’d like to have one. I got all excited about it, looked all over the Ergo website, emailed a friend who has one to ask how she likes it, and read over various customer reviews. After all this research (everyone I talk to raves about Ergo) I decided that it was the baby carrier for me! So, today I went into Mothering Touch with Sophia to see if I could try one out. Sure enough they had one there to try on, and so in amongst a kerfufle of other parents trying on other types of carries, I slung it on. I quite quickly knew that I had everything I needed in my retro, army green Snugli that my mom used with me and all my siblings, and that Ergo can wait. My well loved, 31 year old Snugli needs a little sewing love on the straps but otherwise it is fantastic.

Baby carriers have thus far been a bit of a challenge for Sophia and I. We have tried quite a few different ones, including the Sleepy Wrap, a Maya sling, and a beautiful Didymos Wrap in addition to said green Snugli. When Sophia was newborn, nothing was acceptable unless she was sound asleep. As soon as she was awake, only loving arms would do, and she would have nothing to do with slings, wraps, or Snugli. Having had read and loved The Continuum Concept and with a mind full of visions of cozy baby-wearing, this was not what I had expected! Perhaps it was due to the fact that she was born during an epic, hot summer and being slung or wrapped up was just not comfortable, I’m not sure, but she much preferred to be directly in-arms or laying naked, fancy and free. So that is what we did, and our arms got tired, but happily so. So, I let go of any ideas I had about a baby needing to be worn or held at all times in order to be happy (certainly not the case with Sophia, she loves to lie by herself and coos happily away) and packed the slings and wraps away, somewhat sadly because those Sleepy Wraps and Didymos’ look so darn beautiful.

Now, at three months, the only thing she goes for is the Snugli. Hooray! Something to wear my baby in on beautiful walks through the fall leaves!

I am still thinking that the other wraps and slings might start to work for us as she gets bigger, I’ll let you know, but I have a feeling that the Snugli will be the favorite. For now, we will spend that $140 on bigger diapers for our quickly growing daughter rather than on an Ergo.

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Sophia at 2 weeks or so in the Snugli, sound asleep!

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Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Didymos Wrap works as long as she is asleep, or eating!