Reflections of the weekend…..

It was a glorious weekend. The sun came out to play…

My mom leaped playfully into her 59th year….

My sisters came to visit and Heather has a fabulous new red coat….

We had dinner and a beautiful mandarin orange/chocolate cake made by Heather, all raw, all amazing…

The next morning we went to the beach and some of us went for a winter dip in the sea…

And we had a beautiful Sunday breakfast….

Now it is Monday, and this morning as I was trying to get out the door with the diaper pail and the compost bucket with Sophia in the Ergo, somehow our beloved 50mm lens got knocked off the counter and broke in two. Here I am after putting Sophia down for a nap, attempting for a second time to take the diapers to the wash and empty the compost, 50mm lens-less.

Oh well. I will continue to enjoy my love affair with photography with out a 50mm for awhile….I really have been LOVING getting back into photography. After a brief period of photography seriousness in my late teens and early twenties (lessons in cameras and darkrooms), I started using a point and shot and didn’t think much of it. This year my plan is to take my photography skills to the next level, and I am starting with a commitment to Project 365. I am now 25 days into it and loving everything I am learning. My project is getting me actively shooting pictures daily, and the best lessons often come from action.

I have been spending WAY too much time on Flickr, wandering around in other people’s colorful photo gardens, finding inspiration, insight, and more than a touch of vicarious emotion. I love that about photography, its ability to speak soundlessly yet so crystal clear.

In my Flickr adventures I came across this glorious set of photographs titled  “Unschooled”

Being from a family of four myself, all of us home-schooled for most of our school years, this beautiful album was a joy to find. It reminded me of what an amazing childhood I had, exploring, playing, dreaming, creating, studying bugs….. I highly recommend it to anyone who is inclined to keep their children out of the school system. David and I are planning on home-schooling Sophia and any other children we may be blessed with…more to come on the topic of home-schooling later.

David is still in Vancouver and I keep forgetting to ask him about his Cacao D’Arco Rain recipe (can I share it my love?) Our time on Skype has been pre-occupied with much more important, and I could even say sweeter things…. He gets home on Wednesday, I’ll ask him then.

Sweet dreams!