January 2010

Diddle diddle dumpling, my daughter Sophia……oh how I love watching her grow and explore the world with such amazing gusto! Oh the excitement of removing pink socks! I love how passionately she does all that she does, with such attention and interest and drive. Removing a sock becomes the most important thing to do just because you are doing it, and what a wonderful way to be!

What a treasure to witness the unfolding of consciousness in such an intimate way as one gets to do with their child! I wake up every morning so filled with joy that I get to spend another day with this amazing little person…watching her grow, explore, and blossom. And I LOVE realizing that mothers around the world wake up feeling the same way about their own little ones. I love knowing that Sophia is the most beautiful baby in the whole entire world to me, and I LOVE realizing that all mothers can know that their babies are the most beautiful in the entire world too! You realize that love is infinite in its abundance when you realize just how many mothers and fathers are in the world loving their children, across all time, across all species, across all space, life loves to carry on!

The power was out this morning after a wild, windy night that kept us all half awake.

David has been up every morning coaching the January Juice Feast at 4AM, and so this is where Sophia and I found him once we got up: trying to warm up after sitting in the dark and cold on an old rotary phone, making his coaching calls and trying to take notes with a dim and dying flashlight. My beloved husband….

We don’t have a fire place in the cottage where we are living, and so we all gathered at my mom’s house around the blaze. We all felt blessed that we had a warm house to go to, and our thoughts and blessings were with Haiti, sending so much love and so many angels that abundant blessings will fall in many forms upon them.

As you can tell from recent photos, we have moved from here, and are now once again living in the cottage where Sophia was born. The cottage was sitting empty for the winter, and so my mom offered it to us and we couldn’t refuse! I am so happy to be back on the island, surrounded by quiet, green of the forest and blues of the sea. I will try and take some pictures of our new, 600sq foot palace and post them soon. One of the things I am celebrating the most is having a full-sized fridge! Oh the joys of a full-sized fridge, dear full-sized fridge, how I love you! I tried to make our half-size fridge sound romantic by saying it “encourages regular grocery shopping that keeps food fresh!” which is true, and I really did feel thankful for what I had, but it is also wonderful to not be running out of fresh produce every day.

The power came back on by 10AM, a brief dip into the non-electric, and David was able to make his last call to Europe via Skype.

Hoping you are all staying cozy,

with cozy love,


We went to the grand opening of the Centre for Child Honouring today. Having grown up with Raffi singing in my living room more days than not, it was wonderful to go and see this wonderful vision of his coming true.

As a post-script to my blog entry a few days ago about nursing with a shawl…I found myself today nursing Sophia without a shawl and I hadn’t even thought about it or realized it! It depends very much on the public when you are nursing in public, I am so glad to live in a community where nursing is normal!

Time for bed, thanks for reading!

(Photo from my 365 Days Project)

I’ve been making big pots of GINGER/LEMON/HONEY tea for these winter mornings and yesterday morning David threw in a few big handfuls of delicious, red GOJI BERRIES! The result? Divinity in a mug, yum! I find drinking ginger tea to be one of the tricks to staying warm and healthy during these colder, wet, and rainy months, and of course goji berries are amazing for the immune system too. Here is how I make the tea:

Take your biggest pot and fill it with water, about 3 quarts (I like to make enough to last throughout the day, and this tea is delicious cold too, so you can put what is left at the end of the day in the fridge for some ginger lemonade.)

Finely slice a 2-3 inch piece of fresh ginger root and put into your pot of water (I like mine really ginger-y, and use a big thick piece about 3 inches long.)

Bring water and ginger to a boil, and then turn off.

Juice 2 lemons and add to pot with 2-3 tablespoons of honey, stir stir stir and ENJOY! For extra goodness, add several handfuls of goji berries.

Other sweet things:

~Sophia’s first tooth made an appearance two days ago and made this mama very excited! It was magic as when you plant a seed in the ground and then a sprout appears, the budding of life never ceases to amaze and thrill me. So far teething hasn’t been too bad. Sophia has had a few restless nights, but because we sleep together I am always right there to nurse her teething blues away and she falls right back to sleep. She also loves having a nice cold carrot from the fridge to chew on (I just give her the whole carrot, washed and with the ends cut off) and frozen strawberries from the fridge work wonders. I have to hold onto the strawberry for her, but she loves holding onto my hands and suck away, and then gives me a big, red strawberry smile! A cold, wet cloth also works really well.

~ I found this BEAUTIFUL blog of baby photographs through my adventures on Flickr. If you love babies, you will love Baby as Art!

~My friend Angela brought this wonderful site to my attention: Positive Birth Stories. One of the best things I did in preparing for labor was to fill my pregnant days with stories such as those found on this site! I love birth stories, I love the uniqueness of each story wrapped up with the universal experience of birth. This site is well worth visiting!

Getting ready to crawl!

Thanks for reading!

Love and goji berry kisses,


We are so happy to have David home, safe and happy from his adventures in California! My mom just happened to be going into town today, so we went with her to greet David and bring him back home. Sophia was SO happy to see her Dada!

We went out for first lunch at Re:Bar (having an Apogee in the photo above, our favorite! Warm pineapple/ginger/lemon juice, perfect for a January day.) We went for second lunch (we must be part Hobbit) at Cafe Bliss, and of course, we were in Bliss.

Sophia has started to be so very interested in everything that is going on around her, and will pull off my breast mid-nursing for a look around at all the activity. I have been very happy to have a beautiful, soft shawl with me out in public, as nipples feel like the most intimate part, not for leaving out in the open for all to see in this culture! It is enough to be breastfeeding in public. When you start to breastfeed in public, you become aware of just how rare it is to see. Despite how strongly I feel about the importance of breastfeeding, I am not an in-your-face breastfeeding mama at all, and try to do it in a way so that all around me feel comfortable, gentle, gentle, just sitting here nursing my baby! And while I wish that breastfeeding in the open felt normal, rather than a daring act that might bring on some negative energy, we aren’t quite there yet.

I have seen moms sitting in the bathroom at restaurants nursing their babes under shawls, in amongst all the flushing toilets, hand washing, and preening….and that makes me feel a little sad! I don’t feel comfortable nursing out in the wide open with out a shawl yet, but no woman should ever have to feel the need to nurse in the public bathroom! Part of me feels like I should be more daring, more assertive, ready to bare my breast to any situation in order to feed my baby, help to create more awareness and acceptance around the sacred act….and, I’m sure if it came down to it I would. But I find a gentler approach works much better for me, and while I say “Go For It!” to those women who do flow out of their shirts for their sweet nurslings anywhere at anytime, I’ll stick to my cozy shawl for now.

Sophia loves books! I love board books because they can’t be ripped, bent, or otherwise deconstructed by so much baby love!

Out for one of the first walks of 2010! Self portrait as Sophia inspects my zipper. Still loving the Ergo to bits.

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