March 2010

Hooray for having the “good” camera back! No new 50mm yet, but I do have a birthday coming up so perhaps I will treat myself to one then.

Things have been so busy around here that I have kind of left my 365 project to collect dust…snapping a last minute or spur of the moment photo most days….perhaps I can re-kindle some photo love now that I have such a fun camera again.



We’ve been planning.

Our plans include a boat, some solar panels, a pile of building supplies, and a tent for at least a little while. We want to plant a bunch of fruit trees, I hope to spend a lot of time swimming in the ocean, to see my husband in flip-flops again, and to watch Sophia learn to walk on the forest floor!

We are planning on spending the summer on a beautiful island, on some land that has no road access, no electricity, and a tiny cabin that needs some work before I want to sleep in it (hence the tent) Yep. That is the plan. I am very excited.

Some details: The land is my dad, Ayrie’s, and I have lived and played on it intermittently for close to 20 years now. Right now the infrastructure on the land includes two very small one-room cabins, an outdoor kitchen with open shelving and a propane stove, a composting toilet, and a tap with water that is gravity feed from a water tank that collects rain water. The only way to get to the land is via a single file walking trail or by boat. When I was younger I always thought I would live there forever, it feels like home.

I had not been to visit for seven whole years when I finally went back last summer with my husband and tiny, two-month old baby daughter. We all fell madly in love, me again and David anew, with the island and the land where my tiny cabin in the woods has waited for over a decade.

After considerable humming and hawing over the logistics of living in such a remote place with a baby (no hot shower, no indoor kitchen, no washing machine, no dish washer, no fridge, no road, etc.) we’ve decided to follow the adventure and go for it! When I was 16, my sister and I built a wee little cabin on the land and learned some life skills in lieu of attending public high school. It is this cabin, also called the Mother House because of its stone qualities, that David and I will fix up and live in for the summer. We’ll take it one summer at a time and see what unfolds for us there.

We have our work cut out for us! We are planning on moving up there full time at the beginning of June, and to be making frequent trips to get things in place during March, April, and May.

Here is the beginnings of our to-do list:

~Wood Stove (for Mother House)
~Internet (yes, we will be able with some technical wizardry to access an internet signal even way out there! This is key to our being there as we make our living using the web.)
~Energy source (for laptops and Vitamix.)
~Skiff (for easier access to the land.)
~Plant some fruit trees.
…..and it goes on!

I’ll keep you posted! For now, here are some photos from recent visits to the land: