Journal Excerpt. June 20, 2010. Sunday

Writing from my new home, a 12” x 7” nylon dome with huge windows to the outdoors where the fresh, wild breeze liberates the soul and cleanses the mind! Oh I am so happy to be on the adventure! We’re currently set up in between a highway and the sea, on a small patch of grass shaded by towering pines and sprinkled with white daisies. While we had hoped to be set up on the land by sunset, the wind had other ideas. It is blowing too hard to attempt the crossing from Vancouver Island over to Lasqueti in our 14 foot skiff, and so here we are, hanging out, waiting for the wind to die down.  Sophia is sleeping next to me as I write after a very busy day of travel.

Camped out, waiting for the wind to quiet down….

After bidding adeau to Salt Spring, we spent a whirlwind few days in Victoria, gathering the things needed for living in a tent and visiting with friends and family.

And finally, after what feels like weeks, if not months, of preparation we are on our way to the summer island! So much packing, scratching our heads at how it is that we still have so much stuff after working so hard at giving so much of it away, distilling more and more, packing, until we finally have a tight little package of things we absolutely need for the summer.  I feel somewhat like a pioneer with her oxen cart laden with only essentials, setting out to live on raw land. Somewhat, the sentiment may be there, but I really am nothing like my pioneer ancestors in terms of circumstance.

Still, it is fun to pretend. This is what our modern day oxen cart looked like:

While my great-grandfather rode through mile after mile of wilderness to homestead on the Peace River, I drove through miles of big box stores, offering stuff in abundance such as no other generation has ever known.  While the land I am going to go and live on has none of the comforts offered by living in a house plugged into the grid, comforts my great-grandfather would not have been able to even dream of, I can still escape and reach hot showers and electric lights within hours.

It is an interesting and constant commitment, to live with less in a part of the world so craftily designed to persuade you to always live with more. It is a commitment that I find immensely rewarding.

Amen to simplicity and the freedom to adventure!