Journal Excerpt. June 22, 2010.  Tuesday. Sophia’s 1st Birthday

Our second day on the island closes with me writing at dusk, in the tent with my beautiful rosy cheeked one year old daughter sleeping at my side and a chorus of mosquitoes singing their squealing song inches from my face while they dance against the bug screen window of the tent. The ocean is completely glass still, a sea lion bull croaks his deep croak, and birds twitter goodnight.

We arrived on the island yesterday morning on the 9:45 ferry after our night in French Creek. David and Ayrie woke at pre-dawn to launch the skiff and Ayrie headed off towards the island with the boat loaded with half or our possessions, leaving David and I to take the ferry with the rest of our belongings. He was there at the dock to meet us when we arrived. The skiff was re-loaded, and Ayrie set off again, this time on a much shorter trip around the point to the land, and we set off on our bikes, giddy to have arrived at last. Sophia bounced along behind me in her brand new birthday Chariot, singing little brum-brum songs and going “weeee” and “woooo.”

Birthday Flowers from Mama.

Sophia was glorious on her first birthday.

She continues to be full of adventure and is fearless about crawling off along the trail or into the woods, exploring the fallen logs, bark, branches, leaves, grasses, and twigs. She did a face plant when a log that she was aiming for turned out to be too rotten to support her weight and has the scrape on her forehead to prove it.

While we were down on the beach contemplating what to do about our boat, she clearly wanted to get into the water, and so after several attempts at diverting her attention, I just let her crawl on it. She loved it, and splashed around, crawling through the ocean water along the rocks, pink over-alls and all! I went in for a swim too, and after I was done I took her out into deeper water where I could dip her entirely in. She loved it, expressing so much excitement with her waving arms, wide eyes, and big smile. What a beautiful new experience to have on your first birthday! David suggested that I dive her, and so I did, head first, into full immersion ocean swimming. My sweet little baby, plunging head first into the sea! She came out with all limbs flapping, eyes wide, but did not cry or protest. She seemed to like the experience, and so we did it twice more, three times in all. The moment was profoundly beautiful (as was the whole day), my body naked and strong in the ocean and sunshine, my baby daughter wet from head to toe in ocean water, filled with sparkle and light, my soulmate on the beach, watching and awaiting us. The ocean, oh sacred body, oh mother ocean.

We rinsed off in the tap and then quickly crawled into bed together to nurse and warm up.

Sophia had her afternoon nap with her Dada. She ate yoghurt, grapes, and strawberries for breakfast, oranges, seaweed rice crackers, arame seaweed, and rice noodles with dulce for lunch, and grapes, raisins, quinoa and almond butter for dinner. She sang her lodilodilodi song often, and lit up my life with her smile. She started to pat her chest when we say Sophia, and point to her ears when we say ear. She inspected an arbutus tree, had a bath in a blue Rubbermaid after lunch, read stories (A your Adorable), ate a wild strawberry that I found, can say water by tapping her mouth with her hand, cuddled with her lamb and her bear, crawled long distances over rough terrain, and stood and banged on our plastic buckets.

Sophia is magnificent!

Happy Birthday little one, I love you!

Sophia’s fist wild strawberry.

Outdoor Birthday Bath.

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