Sitting at a desk with high-speed internet, trying to catch up with all things on-line before we head back to life in a tent. We have been on Salt Spring for almost two weeks, arriving for a wedding and staying for some good quality visiting and work time.

Life on on The Edge (an affectionate, yet appropriate, name for the land on which we are living) has taken some getting used to, finding us at the end of our first week deciding we couldn’t do it. It felt too remote, too far out there, too un-developed, too challenging. A major part of it was that despite searching high and low for an internet signal strong enough to carry our work load, we just couldn’t find one. The alternative energy system using solar panels and batteries that has been in place for a decade now also decided to call it quits a month before our move. So, with no internet and no power, even if we had wanted to stay and work out our kinks with back-woods living we couldn’t do it.

We decided to stay another week and change our Summer on Lasqueti to A Few Weeks on Lasqueti.

By the end of two weeks on the land, we had found a flow with life again. Heating water over a camp stove for dishes became routine and not a thing to muster around, emptying the poo bucket (yes, we poo in a bucket out there!) became a direct and meaningful way of dealing with one’s own s#it both figuratively and literally, bathing from a pot of hot water while standing naked under the juniper tree over-looking the sparkling ocean became a poetic, precious experience rather than a thing to be annoyed about (no more: you mean I can’t just jump in the shower!!??)

By the end of two weeks my beautiful Texan husband started to feel much more confidant about being the owner and operator of our little skiff, and started to get used to the temperamental nature of the ever changing ocean. Parking a boat on the watery surface of the sea is nothing like parking a car on the very stable surface of the road, and a skiff moored to a bouey in an often windy little bay is something that needs to be almost constantly looked out for.

By the end of two weeks Sophia was climbing rocks like an expert, sleeping longer than ever before, and standing on her own two feet. There is nothing about Lasqueti that Sophia doesn’t like.

By the end of two weeks a friendly neighbor had agreed to let us use a spare room with a desk as Juice Feasting Headquarters for the rest of the summer. David’s commute to work will be a 20 minute walk along a foot path through mossy forest.

By the end of two weeks we decided we could stay for the rest of the summer.

Now, at the end of two weeks of being away, I am eager to get back to the Edge.

This blog is probably going to be pretty quiet for awhile. I don’t know how often I’ll be making the walk to the spare room of aforementioned neighbor. I have really been enjoying living with no easily accessible internet for awhile. I love the change of pace that happens when you are plugged directly into the place where your feet touch the ground. I love how alive, how whole, how beautiful the world feels when one follows the sun, the moon, and the ocean tides.

Yes, looking forward to more weeks of that!

Until next time, here are some photos of late, and of course you can always check out our photostream for more.

We hope you are all having a beautiful summer!

With love, Katrina, David, and Sophia