Green Smoothie Baby!

Sophia is nine months old! Nine months in, nine months out (of the belly!) Here are some of the things my little 19lb gem has been eating:

~Lots of sweet Mama Milk, whenever she wants it. Right now she likes to nurse about every 2-3 hours, all day and all night, but will sometimes go for 4 hours between.

~Green Juice. Simple ones are best, she loves cucumber and celery with one of the following leafy greens: lettuce, parsley, kale or spinach. I let her drink her juice out of a small glass that she helps me hold, preferably when she is naked because green juice stains and she dribbles and refuses to keep her bib on.

~Green Smoothies: Sophia gets to share my green smoothie every morning and it is one of her favorite foods! We have a beautiful glass straw that she loves to use (see above photo) to drink her smoothie out of, and scrunches up her face in happiness between each sip going “mmmmmmmMMMmmmm” In her smoothie she has been getting: blueberries, strawberries, parsley, kale, lettuce, nettles, apple, orange, and pear.

~Baby Puddings: I usually use 1-3 different ingredients for these. Sophia gets to practice using a spoon with these and I can really tell when she likes something or not because she will open her little mouth like a bird, or clamp it shut and push the spoon away. Here are some examples:

  • avocado and pear
  • avocado and cucumber
  • apple, cucumber, and blueberry
  • apple and blueberry
  • pear and strawberry

~Baby Chewies: These are excellent for “toothie” moments, and because babies love to chew and suck on just about everything. Well, at least this baby does! I always make sure to keep a close eye on her when she is having these finger foods because she can get off some nice big pieces with her two bottom teeth. Although she seems quite good at gumming the little bits as chewing practice with out actually trying to swallow them (they usually end up on her face and all over her belly!) I like to scoop the bigger pieces out. NOTE: Every baby is different with this one, I have a friend with a daughter who will try to swallow all the little bits and they make her cough and choke. If your baby does this, best leave these out!

  • cucumber slices (thicker is better)
  • apple slices (pealed)
  • dried mango slices
  • whole carrot
  • frozen strawberry

Sophia was almost exclusively breastfeed until she was six months old. When she was around five months old, her first taste of anything besides breast milk, known as ‘nana’ in our house, was strawberry. One evening when her teeth seemed to be bothering her more than usual, I got a frozen strawberry from the freezer and held if for her to suck and chew on.  She loved it!

We talked about starting to give her solid food more regularly around the time of that first strawberry and it made me cry! I’m not sure why exactly, but I think it was just because it is such a clear indication of how fast she is growing up. Solid food, already!?

We did wait until she was six months, when her digestion was stronger, to start introducing regular solids. Until then, Sophia dabbled in green smoothies, sitting in our laps and sucking on our fingers dipped in green smoothies. All told she was probably getting about 1/4 of a teaspoon at a time, and often she didn’t seem interested at all so we would skip it.

She is still quite a dabbler in solids, some days she has only nana, other days she has a little something at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At the moment, she is not enjoying anything with avocado, but it has also been an obvious favorite at times. If I make her something and she doesn’t go for it, I am always happy to eat it myself, a few spoonfuls of goodness!

I have also started giving her egg yolk in the past few days and she love this too! Steamed sweet potato and brown rice congee are also things she has tried once or twice and liked both. There is a claim that raw foodists love to make that the first time babies have any cooked food they get runny noses, but I have not found this to be true for Sophia. She is happy and healthy as ever!

There you have it, the menu of a nine month old! Everything organic, made at home with love, for one happy little baby.

POSTSCRIPT: Some of you who may know me from my role in promoting Juice Feasting may be wondering about the egg and the cooked food in my daughter’s diet. I’d like to write more about this soon, and about how my orientation to food has evolved and changed over the past 18 months.

In a nut shell, LOCAL is my new food passion. I want to start eating from the soil that I live on and keep my farmers in the same country, if not the same province. I am going to give myself time to make this shift, but slowly, surely, I plan on becoming more “Locovore” than anything else.

I have just finished reading “The 100 Mile Diet” by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, “The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Kieth, and am dipping into “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon.

Phew. Talk about a re-orientation for this tropical fruit loving girl! I can’t avoid it though, if I am living here, I should be eating from here. And I have a feeling that eating from my home soil will feel just as deep and meaningful as eating raw did, if not more so.

That is all I’ll say about that for now, but please know that I still fully endorse the practice of Juice Feasting and raw foods as amazing healing and cleansing technologies! My health and well-being continue to benefit from all of the beautiful, vibrant raw foods that I now know to access, and I will never leave that behind.

I actually feel like I am standing on the shoulders of my raw food self, looking out over the horizon of the next adventure in dietary evolution, the Local Adventure!

If you have read any of the three books mentioned above, I would love to hear your thoughts! You can leave a comment or email me at

With love and banana-free green smoothies,



We are so happy to have David home, safe and happy from his adventures in California! My mom just happened to be going into town today, so we went with her to greet David and bring him back home. Sophia was SO happy to see her Dada!

We went out for first lunch at Re:Bar (having an Apogee in the photo above, our favorite! Warm pineapple/ginger/lemon juice, perfect for a January day.) We went for second lunch (we must be part Hobbit) at Cafe Bliss, and of course, we were in Bliss.

Sophia has started to be so very interested in everything that is going on around her, and will pull off my breast mid-nursing for a look around at all the activity. I have been very happy to have a beautiful, soft shawl with me out in public, as nipples feel like the most intimate part, not for leaving out in the open for all to see in this culture! It is enough to be breastfeeding in public. When you start to breastfeed in public, you become aware of just how rare it is to see. Despite how strongly I feel about the importance of breastfeeding, I am not an in-your-face breastfeeding mama at all, and try to do it in a way so that all around me feel comfortable, gentle, gentle, just sitting here nursing my baby! And while I wish that breastfeeding in the open felt normal, rather than a daring act that might bring on some negative energy, we aren’t quite there yet.

I have seen moms sitting in the bathroom at restaurants nursing their babes under shawls, in amongst all the flushing toilets, hand washing, and preening….and that makes me feel a little sad! I don’t feel comfortable nursing out in the wide open with out a shawl yet, but no woman should ever have to feel the need to nurse in the public bathroom! Part of me feels like I should be more daring, more assertive, ready to bare my breast to any situation in order to feed my baby, help to create more awareness and acceptance around the sacred act….and, I’m sure if it came down to it I would. But I find a gentler approach works much better for me, and while I say “Go For It!” to those women who do flow out of their shirts for their sweet nurslings anywhere at anytime, I’ll stick to my cozy shawl for now.


We are coming to the end of a wonderful 17 days here in Texas with the Rainoshek family.

Sophia has seen her first snowfall (ironically for a Canadian baby, her first snow happened in Texas!), we spent four days in San Antonio enjoying the festive energy of Christmas lights and caroling along the River Walk, explored the Alamo and other surrounding Missions, and the McNay Museum held us captive for a long while with Sophia cozy in the Ergo, peeking out at the fantastic world of art.

Traveling with a baby has been a joy, and I am proud to say that I packed lighter for the two of us than I usually do for just myself! I was much more careful about bringing only the necessities for myself, so that David and I would be able to manage everything we packed as well as our five month old baby. One of my least favorite things to do is to lug a huge pile of stuff all over an airport, I’d much rather pack light! We came with three backpacks, a bag with our Vitamix in it, and Sophia’s car seat. Not too bad!

Two things that made our pile of stuff much smaller were:

~Baby-carriers! Instead of a stroller, we brought two baby-carriers along. They pack down small and tight, and are light as a feather! Baby wearing continues to be a joy with the Ergo, and Sophia has started to enjoy the sling style Maya Wrap. I find the Ergo works best for longer periods (going on walks, exploring art museums, going somewhere during nap time as Sophia can fall asleep in the Ergo, etc.) and the Maya Wrap works best for shorter periods and/or busy mama time as it puts Sophia on my side rather than in front (preparing food, doing dishes, in the airport between flights, folding laundry, etc.)

~Breastfeeding! I am never going to be able to celebrate this amazing ability enough! I have watched mothers in airport bathrooms frantically trying to mix up formula with tap water in plastic bottles for their babies, while little baby waits often un-happily. I feel so blessed to be able to tuck Sophia in under a scarf so close to me and to pull out a breast for her, full of perfectly warm, sweet mama’s milk. Breastfeeding requires no bag of bottles and formula, and no water for mixing, and no warming up of bottles. All I needed to pack for this one was myself! (Just watched the Formula Fed America Official Theatrical Trailer, check it out!)

Oh, and a third thing that made our load lighter, disposable diapers. (Opps, sorry.)  Although I am a dedicated cloth diaper user while at home, I feel that some flexibility while traveling via air is OK. I am looking forward to getting my daughter’s bottom out of  disposables and back into her organic cotton pre-folds though!! (As I write this post I’ve just been doing some research on Sodium Polyacrylate, the absorbent matter in disposable diapers, and realizing that I really do NOT want that around my baby, thank you! Get me home to those cloth diapers!)

One thing that made our pile of stuff much bigger was bringing our VITAMIX! This is always worth the lugging though, and I can’t imagine going two weeks without my blender. I love my blender! We put our Vitamix in a briefcase style bag and carry it right on the plane with us, and it causes us no problems, only happiness. We’ve used it three times today already: once for a green smoothie, once for nut mylk, and once for a green soup. AND that green soup was one of the BEST I have had! Here is how I made it:

First, mix up some guacamole in a big bowl with:

2 avocados, juice of 1 lemon, 5 cloves of garlic minced, generous dashes of sea salt, cumin, and dill.

Then, blend in your blender:

3 giant handfuls each of spinach, mixed baby greens, and parsley. 1/2 large tomato. 1/2 cup water.

Then pour blended part over guacamole and mix with a cubed 1/2 large tomato.

Serves two. Enjoy with a loved one!

David and I oohed and awed over this green soup for lunch while Sophia sat on my lap and sucked on a carrot (she doesn’t have any teeth yet, and seems to love the feeling of cold carrot on her little gums.)

We are looking forward to a pre-Christmas-Christmas dinner tomorrow night before we fly home on Thursday morning. I’ll write again soon from our new home on SaltSpring Island!

Love and Blissings, xoxoxoxoxox


January 21, Wednesday. Journal Excerpt

Week # 18

I am getting bigger and bigger, the ravenous hunger of pregnancy seems to have finally arrived! While meditating this morning I could not stop the stream of food thoughts: Spaghetti with tomato sauce, steamed veggies, miso soup, green smoothies, pancakes (oh I really wanted pancakes!) with strawberries and yoghurt, chocolate, sesame milk, wildfire vegan pizza…..So now I am sitting here with an amazing GREEN SMOOTHIE!! (I still want pancakes though)

I’ve been gaining weight at what feels like a rapid clip. I woke up on Monday morning feeling puffy faced and just plain fat….hooray that same day I found a book that reminded me to celebrate my body from the inside rather than the outside! I am going through an amazing transformation right now that does not fit in a box. I am a yummy mummy and I celebrate the changes my body is going through on this journey to motherhood.

Wonderful things:

I have been feeling the baby move! Always when I am lying quietly in bed, little tiny bloops. I first felt them on Jan. 16, the end of week 17.

I had a beautiful dream about breast feeding my baby, and the next day as I was sitting topless in a sunny window I looked down and my nipples were leaking a clear fluid, pre-colostrum. The most amazing thing I have seen my body do yet, getting ready to feed my baby.

I discovered the Crystal Pool next door uses ozone, so I’ve been swimming again.