Summer was Grand.

I am so grateful that we were able to stay on the island, and loved every minute of it. It was short and hot rather than long and mild like many of the summers we get here on the West Coast, and September spent most of its days raining and blowing gales. We took our tent down just in time, the day after a huge wind ripped the tarp from its grommets and left our little summer house open to the wet sky.

So much happened this summer, let me sum it up with some pictures, found here! Needless to say, we are excited about returning to our wild island next spring!

We are now in full on Fall and enjoying the harvest!

Vitamin C.

Rosehip Harvester.

Hawthorn Berry Harvest. I have a new tea in my repertoire…hawthorn berry. Picked today from the field’s edge, I can taste the summer condensed into a mug of fall’s infusion. An amazing heart tonic too!

Hawthorn Berry Harvest.

Peppers at the Market.

Pumpkin at the Market.

Sweet Hugs and Carrot Harvest.

Kale Harvest. (Heather made amazing kale chips!)

Mushrooms! We didn’t harvest these ones, but chantrelles have been abundant on our menu!

Big Mushrooms!

Apple Harvest!

We are currently staying with my mom on Salt Spring Island and David has been working long hours on finishing up the Airstream for our journey South for the winter. We had hopped to be on the road by now, but as is always the case with construction projects, it is taking a lot longer than we predicted! What with all of the curves in that thing (nothing is at right angles) and David’s learning curve (this is his first solo construction project) I think it is coming along beautifully! I have been sewing pillows and curtains whenever I get the chance. I’ll try and post pictures soon!

I must admit that I am fully enjoying the extra time with family as we’ve been floating between Lasqueti, Victoria, and Salt Spring recently. Our chosen “homeless” state has really opened up lots of opportunities to bond with loved ones. You never quite “get” someone in the same way that you do when you share a roof with them! It has, honestly, taken a bit of adjustment. We are so used to knowing people at a distance, and there are very few people who know just how it is that we brush our teeth, what we look like first thing in the morning, the grand scope of all of our moods and colors through out the day, our tiny precious eccentricities,  our preferences about cleanliness, all those little private things that make up daily life as a human. It is a wonderful thing to live with people, something that brings us closer to our hearts and deepens our practice of love.

I’m off to enjoy a mug of hawthorn berry/rosehip tea with my Love David!

Blessings, Katrina.


This most beautiful woman is my AMAZING MOM!! And today is her birthday. Happy Birthday most beloved mother, 59 and still radiant, glorious, and better than ever. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing role model in my life. I am actually excited about getting older, and looking forward to my 50’s, 60’s and beyond because of the example set by my mom. Love you mama!

This most beautiful baby is my AMAZING DAUGHTER! And today she turns seven months old! Happy birthday my beloved daughter, thank you for seven of the most amazing, transformational, beautiful months of my life so far. I love you dear little one.

This most amazing drink is David’s Cacao D’Arco Rain, and if we are lucky, he will let me lift the recipe from‘s Day 74 on Raw Cacao. If you are already a member, of course you can go there right now and get it, and if not, check back tomorrow and I just might get it posted here!

This is me with a #1 ribbon. It is a beautiful sunny day and we’ve been to visit my mom’s Godson, Aiden, who turns 13 today (he was born on her birthday and she was there at the birth, an un-assisted home birth.) Mom and I had a riot jumping hurdles on an obstacle course set up by Aiden’s younger sister Nicoya, pretending we were riding horses. I beat my mom for good form and won a #1 ribbon. Must have been all those years I really did ride horses in my pre-teens 🙂

Now we are awaiting the arrival of my two sisters and then the celebrations will continue!

All love and good green lettuce, Katrina Marie.