June 4, 2009

A year ago, on June 4, David took some shots of Sophia and I.

That was before we knew she was Sophia, or even that she was a she. That was before I knew what the world was like to live in as a mama, and before I knew what it was like to breathe in the fullness of motherhood.

It is something I think I will be learning to do for the rest of my life….motherhood is a vast and constantly shifting sea (and I know some of you are thinking “just wait until she is a teenager!”) I am so blessed to be on this trip.

There is no one I would rather be a mother to, my sweet and beautiful little Sophia!

Love your Mama.

June 15, 2010.


Oh what a birthday I had!

On the day I turned 32, all sorts of beautiful things conspired to find me being handed a set of keys to our very own beautiful vintage AIRSTREAM!!

Do you ever get so excited about something you feel sick? Well, for me this is one of those things.

More to come on our Airstream Dreams soon…..

On my birthday, we drove up north a few hours and a ferry ride away to pick our vintage beauty up. 23 feet of adventure, a home on the road, the wind at our backs, the sun in our eyes, a dream come true. She is a 1971, 23 foot Airstream Safari. I wanted to sleep in it right away, so on the way home we stopped at Rathtrevor Provincial Park and slept amongst the towering pines and cedars. I loved being able to pull in and open the door to our cozy little home. Sophia was enchanted to wake up amongst the forest.

When we arrived back home, one of my dear friends was napping in our house. She had brought along a birthday gift: Wound Powder (and in a re-used tin that says “heaven”.) The perfect gift for a future family of road gypsies….wound powder! Who knows what cuts and scrapes await us out there on the wild strip of highway where we will sail?

Actually, this will probably come in handy more often while we are roughing it on Lasqueti Island for the summer. Life on the road is soft compared to life on the rock!

Wound Powder: Usena, Yarrow, and Turmeric. Dust into fresh cuts and scrapes for speedy recovery.

And eating local is slowly getting more exciting as spring un-folds. Fresh from a local island farm, these are the best asparagus I have ever tasted. Lightly steamed, with a drizzle of lemon juice and a pat of butter.

Basking her little bum in the sun while playing with the shoes. I love how the light makes her look like a little glow worm. We haven’t had a whole lot of sunny days yet this spring….lots of April showers….bringing May flowers we hope!

Sophia making yet another cameo appearance in one of my many smoothie photos….

And to finish:

Happy Earth Day!

Sophia celebrating with some flower pot bandit experimentation, getting down and dirty with some soil.

I love you Mother Earth. May my love and respect for you continue to inform and inspire my life and actions. May I be so blessed as to dance and sleep in your arms for many sweet days and nights to come……

Diddle diddle dumpling, my daughter Sophia……oh how I love watching her grow and explore the world with such amazing gusto! Oh the excitement of removing pink socks! I love how passionately she does all that she does, with such attention and interest and drive. Removing a sock becomes the most important thing to do just because you are doing it, and what a wonderful way to be!

What a treasure to witness the unfolding of consciousness in such an intimate way as one gets to do with their child! I wake up every morning so filled with joy that I get to spend another day with this amazing little person…watching her grow, explore, and blossom. And I LOVE realizing that mothers around the world wake up feeling the same way about their own little ones. I love knowing that Sophia is the most beautiful baby in the whole entire world to me, and I LOVE realizing that all mothers can know that their babies are the most beautiful in the entire world too! You realize that love is infinite in its abundance when you realize just how many mothers and fathers are in the world loving their children, across all time, across all species, across all space, life loves to carry on!