Sophia's First Year

Journal Excerpt. June 22, 2010.  Tuesday. Sophia’s 1st Birthday

Our second day on the island closes with me writing at dusk, in the tent with my beautiful rosy cheeked one year old daughter sleeping at my side and a chorus of mosquitoes singing their squealing song inches from my face while they dance against the bug screen window of the tent. The ocean is completely glass still, a sea lion bull croaks his deep croak, and birds twitter goodnight.

We arrived on the island yesterday morning on the 9:45 ferry after our night in French Creek. David and Ayrie woke at pre-dawn to launch the skiff and Ayrie headed off towards the island with the boat loaded with half or our possessions, leaving David and I to take the ferry with the rest of our belongings. He was there at the dock to meet us when we arrived. The skiff was re-loaded, and Ayrie set off again, this time on a much shorter trip around the point to the land, and we set off on our bikes, giddy to have arrived at last. Sophia bounced along behind me in her brand new birthday Chariot, singing little brum-brum songs and going “weeee” and “woooo.”

Birthday Flowers from Mama.

Sophia was glorious on her first birthday.

She continues to be full of adventure and is fearless about crawling off along the trail or into the woods, exploring the fallen logs, bark, branches, leaves, grasses, and twigs. She did a face plant when a log that she was aiming for turned out to be too rotten to support her weight and has the scrape on her forehead to prove it.

While we were down on the beach contemplating what to do about our boat, she clearly wanted to get into the water, and so after several attempts at diverting her attention, I just let her crawl on it. She loved it, and splashed around, crawling through the ocean water along the rocks, pink over-alls and all! I went in for a swim too, and after I was done I took her out into deeper water where I could dip her entirely in. She loved it, expressing so much excitement with her waving arms, wide eyes, and big smile. What a beautiful new experience to have on your first birthday! David suggested that I dive her, and so I did, head first, into full immersion ocean swimming. My sweet little baby, plunging head first into the sea! She came out with all limbs flapping, eyes wide, but did not cry or protest. She seemed to like the experience, and so we did it twice more, three times in all. The moment was profoundly beautiful (as was the whole day), my body naked and strong in the ocean and sunshine, my baby daughter wet from head to toe in ocean water, filled with sparkle and light, my soulmate on the beach, watching and awaiting us. The ocean, oh sacred body, oh mother ocean.

We rinsed off in the tap and then quickly crawled into bed together to nurse and warm up.

Sophia had her afternoon nap with her Dada. She ate yoghurt, grapes, and strawberries for breakfast, oranges, seaweed rice crackers, arame seaweed, and rice noodles with dulce for lunch, and grapes, raisins, quinoa and almond butter for dinner. She sang her lodilodilodi song often, and lit up my life with her smile. She started to pat her chest when we say Sophia, and point to her ears when we say ear. She inspected an arbutus tree, had a bath in a blue Rubbermaid after lunch, read stories (A your Adorable), ate a wild strawberry that I found, can say water by tapping her mouth with her hand, cuddled with her lamb and her bear, crawled long distances over rough terrain, and stood and banged on our plastic buckets.

Sophia is magnificent!

Happy Birthday little one, I love you!

Sophia’s fist wild strawberry.

Outdoor Birthday Bath.

More photos here.


June 4, 2009

A year ago, on June 4, David took some shots of Sophia and I.

That was before we knew she was Sophia, or even that she was a she. That was before I knew what the world was like to live in as a mama, and before I knew what it was like to breathe in the fullness of motherhood.

It is something I think I will be learning to do for the rest of my life….motherhood is a vast and constantly shifting sea (and I know some of you are thinking “just wait until she is a teenager!”) I am so blessed to be on this trip.

There is no one I would rather be a mother to, my sweet and beautiful little Sophia!

Love your Mama.

June 15, 2010.

Green Smoothie Baby!

Sophia is nine months old! Nine months in, nine months out (of the belly!) Here are some of the things my little 19lb gem has been eating:

~Lots of sweet Mama Milk, whenever she wants it. Right now she likes to nurse about every 2-3 hours, all day and all night, but will sometimes go for 4 hours between.

~Green Juice. Simple ones are best, she loves cucumber and celery with one of the following leafy greens: lettuce, parsley, kale or spinach. I let her drink her juice out of a small glass that she helps me hold, preferably when she is naked because green juice stains and she dribbles and refuses to keep her bib on.

~Green Smoothies: Sophia gets to share my green smoothie every morning and it is one of her favorite foods! We have a beautiful glass straw that she loves to use (see above photo) to drink her smoothie out of, and scrunches up her face in happiness between each sip going “mmmmmmmMMMmmmm” In her smoothie she has been getting: blueberries, strawberries, parsley, kale, lettuce, nettles, apple, orange, and pear.

~Baby Puddings: I usually use 1-3 different ingredients for these. Sophia gets to practice using a spoon with these and I can really tell when she likes something or not because she will open her little mouth like a bird, or clamp it shut and push the spoon away. Here are some examples:

  • avocado and pear
  • avocado and cucumber
  • apple, cucumber, and blueberry
  • apple and blueberry
  • pear and strawberry

~Baby Chewies: These are excellent for “toothie” moments, and because babies love to chew and suck on just about everything. Well, at least this baby does! I always make sure to keep a close eye on her when she is having these finger foods because she can get off some nice big pieces with her two bottom teeth. Although she seems quite good at gumming the little bits as chewing practice with out actually trying to swallow them (they usually end up on her face and all over her belly!) I like to scoop the bigger pieces out. NOTE: Every baby is different with this one, I have a friend with a daughter who will try to swallow all the little bits and they make her cough and choke. If your baby does this, best leave these out!

  • cucumber slices (thicker is better)
  • apple slices (pealed)
  • dried mango slices
  • whole carrot
  • frozen strawberry

Sophia was almost exclusively breastfeed until she was six months old. When she was around five months old, her first taste of anything besides breast milk, known as ‘nana’ in our house, was strawberry. One evening when her teeth seemed to be bothering her more than usual, I got a frozen strawberry from the freezer and held if for her to suck and chew on.  She loved it!

We talked about starting to give her solid food more regularly around the time of that first strawberry and it made me cry! I’m not sure why exactly, but I think it was just because it is such a clear indication of how fast she is growing up. Solid food, already!?

We did wait until she was six months, when her digestion was stronger, to start introducing regular solids. Until then, Sophia dabbled in green smoothies, sitting in our laps and sucking on our fingers dipped in green smoothies. All told she was probably getting about 1/4 of a teaspoon at a time, and often she didn’t seem interested at all so we would skip it.

She is still quite a dabbler in solids, some days she has only nana, other days she has a little something at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At the moment, she is not enjoying anything with avocado, but it has also been an obvious favorite at times. If I make her something and she doesn’t go for it, I am always happy to eat it myself, a few spoonfuls of goodness!

I have also started giving her egg yolk in the past few days and she love this too! Steamed sweet potato and brown rice congee are also things she has tried once or twice and liked both. There is a claim that raw foodists love to make that the first time babies have any cooked food they get runny noses, but I have not found this to be true for Sophia. She is happy and healthy as ever!

There you have it, the menu of a nine month old! Everything organic, made at home with love, for one happy little baby.

POSTSCRIPT: Some of you who may know me from my role in promoting Juice Feasting may be wondering about the egg and the cooked food in my daughter’s diet. I’d like to write more about this soon, and about how my orientation to food has evolved and changed over the past 18 months.

In a nut shell, LOCAL is my new food passion. I want to start eating from the soil that I live on and keep my farmers in the same country, if not the same province. I am going to give myself time to make this shift, but slowly, surely, I plan on becoming more “Locovore” than anything else.

I have just finished reading “The 100 Mile Diet” by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, “The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Kieth, and am dipping into “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon.

Phew. Talk about a re-orientation for this tropical fruit loving girl! I can’t avoid it though, if I am living here, I should be eating from here. And I have a feeling that eating from my home soil will feel just as deep and meaningful as eating raw did, if not more so.

That is all I’ll say about that for now, but please know that I still fully endorse the practice of Juice Feasting and raw foods as amazing healing and cleansing technologies! My health and well-being continue to benefit from all of the beautiful, vibrant raw foods that I now know to access, and I will never leave that behind.

I actually feel like I am standing on the shoulders of my raw food self, looking out over the horizon of the next adventure in dietary evolution, the Local Adventure!

If you have read any of the three books mentioned above, I would love to hear your thoughts! You can leave a comment or email me at

With love and banana-free green smoothies,


I love her look of absolute concentration while she forms her new sounds! And then she looks so proud and happy! Little video HERE.

Photo on 2009-10-22 at 13.01 #3Photo on 2009-10-22 at 13.02

Well, after all that, I just couldn’t stop coveting an Ergo. I continued to poll every mom I saw with one and they all continued to rave about it, and then I got an email from Jingee that said:

The benefits of Baby-Wearing are many! — enhances bonding, convenient for parents, promotes mental and emotional health for baby, and on and on! My first back-packs were those uncomfortable geri-packs with steel bars cutting in to my back. Slings were nice, but too unbalanced for my spine. Those nice big balanced hiking backpacks were a big improvement, but heavy! And then I started seeing people wearing The Ergo Baby Carrier. I bought one when Yarrow was born, and I am absolutely in love with it! From the time she was a newborn, I could carry her on my front, back, or side with the Ergo and do housework with Yarrow happily snuggled up against me. And even now I can hike for hours with my two year old on my back, and we are both totally comfortable! And you can now choose organic cotton material!

and well, I love Jingee and she loves the Ergo, so I went back to try it on.

The first time I had tried it, I had Sophia in the stroller and she was asleep so I didn’t actually try it on with her in it. So, this time I walked to Mothering Touch with Sophia in the Snugli and then tried her in the Ergo. Oh my, it was as though I wasn’t even carrying her it is so comfortable! What a difference after the old Sungli (I do love you old Snugli but you dig into my shoulders so much!) So, I entered with a Snugli, and I exited with an Ergo and I have to agree with all the raving moms, I LOVE IT! And so does Sophia! She fell asleep in it on the way home, and when she woke up she looked up at me and gave me a huge smile. For more information on the Ergo you can check out their website (click on me) You might just luck out and find one on Craig’s List, but for a full selection, see the Ergo headquarters!

As for the new cloth diapers, I’m still trying to decide what kind to buy for this next phase of Sophia’s life as she gets more and more active!

Happy baby-wearing!

Love Katrina

Photo on 2009-10-21 at 14.44

After seeing so many Ergos around on happy looking moms with happy looking babies, I decided I’d like to have one. I got all excited about it, looked all over the Ergo website, emailed a friend who has one to ask how she likes it, and read over various customer reviews. After all this research (everyone I talk to raves about Ergo) I decided that it was the baby carrier for me! So, today I went into Mothering Touch with Sophia to see if I could try one out. Sure enough they had one there to try on, and so in amongst a kerfufle of other parents trying on other types of carries, I slung it on. I quite quickly knew that I had everything I needed in my retro, army green Snugli that my mom used with me and all my siblings, and that Ergo can wait. My well loved, 31 year old Snugli needs a little sewing love on the straps but otherwise it is fantastic.

Baby carriers have thus far been a bit of a challenge for Sophia and I. We have tried quite a few different ones, including the Sleepy Wrap, a Maya sling, and a beautiful Didymos Wrap in addition to said green Snugli. When Sophia was newborn, nothing was acceptable unless she was sound asleep. As soon as she was awake, only loving arms would do, and she would have nothing to do with slings, wraps, or Snugli. Having had read and loved The Continuum Concept and with a mind full of visions of cozy baby-wearing, this was not what I had expected! Perhaps it was due to the fact that she was born during an epic, hot summer and being slung or wrapped up was just not comfortable, I’m not sure, but she much preferred to be directly in-arms or laying naked, fancy and free. So that is what we did, and our arms got tired, but happily so. So, I let go of any ideas I had about a baby needing to be worn or held at all times in order to be happy (certainly not the case with Sophia, she loves to lie by herself and coos happily away) and packed the slings and wraps away, somewhat sadly because those Sleepy Wraps and Didymos’ look so darn beautiful.

Now, at three months, the only thing she goes for is the Snugli. Hooray! Something to wear my baby in on beautiful walks through the fall leaves!

I am still thinking that the other wraps and slings might start to work for us as she gets bigger, I’ll let you know, but I have a feeling that the Snugli will be the favorite. For now, we will spend that $140 on bigger diapers for our quickly growing daughter rather than on an Ergo.

Photo 425

Sophia at 2 weeks or so in the Snugli, sound asleep!

Photo 430

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Didymos Wrap works as long as she is asleep, or eating!