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We had a beautiful day today. Sophia went horse back riding and climbed into the cupboard and found a bag of acai powder, we made cards and drew with crayons, watched a little Pingu and then we walked through mid-February blustery showers and brief shows of sunlight to Cafe Bliss where chocolate abounded. Heather played her guitar and sang the Bliss Song as per new tradition: 4 o’clock singing of the Bliss Song and free chocolate for all.

Dinner was made by we three siblings, Joe made salmon, Heather made salad, I made yam fries and butternut squash = sibling radness. My soulmate made it home after being stranded in Tsawassenn by the storm = Valentine’s Day Perfection.

I hope you and yours had a sweet day filled with love today and a happy continuation of the same for the rest of the year!

All Blessings,

Katrina Rain


Hooray for having the “good” camera back! No new 50mm yet, but I do have a birthday coming up so perhaps I will treat myself to one then.

Things have been so busy around here that I have kind of left my 365 project to collect dust…snapping a last minute or spur of the moment photo most days….perhaps I can re-kindle some photo love now that I have such a fun camera again.


Oranges are on sale for 0.39 cents a pound! Oh joy! We have been drinking lots of orange juice this winter and avoiding winter colds while also down-loading a little bit of sunshine from the little orange globes, condensed sunshine in miniature. If you live on Vancouver Island, get thee to a Thrifty Foods, where we found these beauties on sale, and stock up on some Vitamin C!

The power was out this morning after a wild, windy night that kept us all half awake.

David has been up every morning coaching the January Juice Feast at 4AM, and so this is where Sophia and I found him once we got up: trying to warm up after sitting in the dark and cold on an old rotary phone, making his coaching calls and trying to take notes with a dim and dying flashlight. My beloved husband….

We don’t have a fire place in the cottage where we are living, and so we all gathered at my mom’s house around the blaze. We all felt blessed that we had a warm house to go to, and our thoughts and blessings were with Haiti, sending so much love and so many angels that abundant blessings will fall in many forms upon them.

As you can tell from recent photos, we have moved from here, and are now once again living in the cottage where Sophia was born. The cottage was sitting empty for the winter, and so my mom offered it to us and we couldn’t refuse! I am so happy to be back on the island, surrounded by quiet, green of the forest and blues of the sea. I will try and take some pictures of our new, 600sq foot palace and post them soon. One of the things I am celebrating the most is having a full-sized fridge! Oh the joys of a full-sized fridge, dear full-sized fridge, how I love you! I tried to make our half-size fridge sound romantic by saying it “encourages regular grocery shopping that keeps food fresh!” which is true, and I really did feel thankful for what I had, but it is also wonderful to not be running out of fresh produce every day.

The power came back on by 10AM, a brief dip into the non-electric, and David was able to make his last call to Europe via Skype.

Hoping you are all staying cozy,

with cozy love,


We went to the grand opening of the Centre for Child Honouring today. Having grown up with Raffi singing in my living room more days than not, it was wonderful to go and see this wonderful vision of his coming true.

As a post-script to my blog entry a few days ago about nursing with a shawl…I found myself today nursing Sophia without a shawl and I hadn’t even thought about it or realized it! It depends very much on the public when you are nursing in public, I am so glad to live in a community where nursing is normal!

Time for bed, thanks for reading!

Out for one of the first walks of 2010! Self portrait as Sophia inspects my zipper. Still loving the Ergo to bits.

The Four Generations, together for New Years! My 86 year old Oma (Maria Catharina), my 58 year old Mom (Rineke), 31 year old Me (Katrina Marie), and my 6 month old daughter (Sophia Katarina) You can see that my name came from this beloved woman, my Oma, and Sophia’s middle name too!

We watched the Sound of Music, my Oma’s favorite movie, ate beautiful food (a raw green soup, crackers and goats cheese for us and Nana (breast milk) for Sophia) and everyone but me was asleep long before midnight! I stayed up to have a midnight visit with David in California via Skype.

There was something so sacred yet so simple about being together as four generations of women. I hope to continue to be a happy, healthy, and vibrant continuation of life for these women who have come before me, my beautiful Oma, and my beautiful Mom! May I also pass on the best to my daughter so that she may too be a brilliant continuation! Thank you for a beautiful year, and on to the next!

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