They have arrived!

I took some of Sophia’s Christmas money and after much debate on what kind of new cloth diapers to get, I chose these beauties.

Things I love about these cloth diapers~

~They are made in Canada.

~They are made with organic cotton.

~They don’t have any TAGS or Labels on them, pure home-made goodness.

~They are soft and sweet for my sweetie’s bottom.

~They look like the were made by a loving grandma on her kitchen table, simple, sturdy, and made to last through lots of babies.

~They are the same kind of diapers my 11 year old sister Finnerty used. I followed the lead of her mom Constanze who loved them, and I think I will too.

~The wool diaper covers are organic too!

~The wool diaper covers are machine washable!

I have only used them for two days thus far, so don’t take my word for it yet, but I think I love these diapers. I have been using disposables ever since Sophia outgrew her newborn cloth pre-folds…I have to admit disposables are tempting…but I feel strongly enough about cloth to go ahead and re-commit. Here I am, the mom who was sure she would be using Elimination Communication, seduced by disposable diapers!!

I am still using a disposable for the night time because they keep her so much drier, and it means no wet spot on the bed in the morning and no diaper changing in the middle of the night. Many moms report that their babies get diaper rash from disposables and not from cloth diapers…well, I have found the opposite to be true. The disposables wick all the moisture away from her skin, while the cloth just gets wet. Having wool diaper covers really helps, as they allow for breathing, but still I find her getting a little red and chaffed sometimes. Will have to look into natural diaper rash creams.

So, here we are, back in the land of big cloth diaper bum for Sophia, and more laundry for me, and yes, it is worth it! I love cloth diapers.

There are a lot of choices out there when it come to cloth diapers, and if you are just starting out, this might interest you. (Thanks for the link Linda!)

Diapers aside… beloved husband sailed off today to attend a workshop on the mainland. I left Sophia with my mom while I went into town BY MYSELF!! For the first time in I don’t know how long I was out all by myself and I felt light, free, like I might float off the ground, I felt light-headed and overwhelmed, I felt oddly skinny with no baby and no husband.

And what did I do with this exciting time to myself? I went grocery shopping.

I came home after about an hour to find Sophia and my mom both happy and content. Blessed.


We are coming to the end of a wonderful 17 days here in Texas with the Rainoshek family.

Sophia has seen her first snowfall (ironically for a Canadian baby, her first snow happened in Texas!), we spent four days in San Antonio enjoying the festive energy of Christmas lights and caroling along the River Walk, explored the Alamo and other surrounding Missions, and the McNay Museum held us captive for a long while with Sophia cozy in the Ergo, peeking out at the fantastic world of art.

Traveling with a baby has been a joy, and I am proud to say that I packed lighter for the two of us than I usually do for just myself! I was much more careful about bringing only the necessities for myself, so that David and I would be able to manage everything we packed as well as our five month old baby. One of my least favorite things to do is to lug a huge pile of stuff all over an airport, I’d much rather pack light! We came with three backpacks, a bag with our Vitamix in it, and Sophia’s car seat. Not too bad!

Two things that made our pile of stuff much smaller were:

~Baby-carriers! Instead of a stroller, we brought two baby-carriers along. They pack down small and tight, and are light as a feather! Baby wearing continues to be a joy with the Ergo, and Sophia has started to enjoy the sling style Maya Wrap. I find the Ergo works best for longer periods (going on walks, exploring art museums, going somewhere during nap time as Sophia can fall asleep in the Ergo, etc.) and the Maya Wrap works best for shorter periods and/or busy mama time as it puts Sophia on my side rather than in front (preparing food, doing dishes, in the airport between flights, folding laundry, etc.)

~Breastfeeding! I am never going to be able to celebrate this amazing ability enough! I have watched mothers in airport bathrooms frantically trying to mix up formula with tap water in plastic bottles for their babies, while little baby waits often un-happily. I feel so blessed to be able to tuck Sophia in under a scarf so close to me and to pull out a breast for her, full of perfectly warm, sweet mama’s milk. Breastfeeding requires no bag of bottles and formula, and no water for mixing, and no warming up of bottles. All I needed to pack for this one was myself! (Just watched the Formula Fed America Official Theatrical Trailer, check it out!)

Oh, and a third thing that made our load lighter, disposable diapers. (Opps, sorry.)  Although I am a dedicated cloth diaper user while at home, I feel that some flexibility while traveling via air is OK. I am looking forward to getting my daughter’s bottom out of  disposables and back into her organic cotton pre-folds though!! (As I write this post I’ve just been doing some research on Sodium Polyacrylate, the absorbent matter in disposable diapers, and realizing that I really do NOT want that around my baby, thank you! Get me home to those cloth diapers!)

One thing that made our pile of stuff much bigger was bringing our VITAMIX! This is always worth the lugging though, and I can’t imagine going two weeks without my blender. I love my blender! We put our Vitamix in a briefcase style bag and carry it right on the plane with us, and it causes us no problems, only happiness. We’ve used it three times today already: once for a green smoothie, once for nut mylk, and once for a green soup. AND that green soup was one of the BEST I have had! Here is how I made it:

First, mix up some guacamole in a big bowl with:

2 avocados, juice of 1 lemon, 5 cloves of garlic minced, generous dashes of sea salt, cumin, and dill.

Then, blend in your blender:

3 giant handfuls each of spinach, mixed baby greens, and parsley. 1/2 large tomato. 1/2 cup water.

Then pour blended part over guacamole and mix with a cubed 1/2 large tomato.

Serves two. Enjoy with a loved one!

David and I oohed and awed over this green soup for lunch while Sophia sat on my lap and sucked on a carrot (she doesn’t have any teeth yet, and seems to love the feeling of cold carrot on her little gums.)

We are looking forward to a pre-Christmas-Christmas dinner tomorrow night before we fly home on Thursday morning. I’ll write again soon from our new home on SaltSpring Island!

Love and Blissings, xoxoxoxoxox