This is a page all about food!

I’ll start with a  little story about how I ate during my pregnancy and then as a breastfeeding mom. Of course you will eat differently as we are all so diverse with different needs, but I hope this little story will help you to follow your intuition and use your head while eating for one of the most monumental creative projects of your life, your baby!!

If you are interested in some of my favorite things to eat and want to skip the little story, scroll on down the page.


Lots of strawberries!!


Eating good food rocks my world. I am like a different person when I eat with awareness and in a way that is loving to my body. When I eat nutrient-dense, organic, whole foods that are mostly left raw, I feel amazing and vibrant, like the foods themselves.

When I became pregnant I was a dedicated Raw Vegan, had eaten 100% raw vegan for two years and had done 88 days of Juice Feasting as a way of cleansing in preparation for pregnancy. David and I had written down as one of our five-year goals “To have a raw pregnancy and write a raw pregnancy book” Well, of course we did, raw food had changed our lives in amazing, beautiful ways! I was a passionate and excited raw foodist, and continue to be a strong believer in the power of natural, raw foods!

My dietary needs changed with pregnancy as the biology of my body changed to grow and support the body of my baby in the womb. For the first trimester of my pregnancy I was nauseated by almost everything raw and green, and my favorite green smoothies and salads made me feel horribly queasy. All I wanted was straight up carbohydrates, many of them cooked, bland, and plain. Fresh fruit, potatoes, rice, rice noodles, yams, steamed vegetables and leafy greens, hummous, and qinoua became my first trimester staples. Happily I was still able to stomach green vegetable juice and so got my raw greens in this way. While this felt like a dramatic change intellectually, physically and intuitively it felt perfect, and my body was quite clearly telling me what it needed in order to feel good.

I also introduced some animal products into my diet around the fourth month of pregnancy. This was after several months of intense cravings for dairy that no amount of calcium rich sesame mylk seemed to curb!! I started off with goats cheese, and by the end of my pregnancy I was also eating eggs, yoghurt and pro-biotic rich kefir. I also had some wild salmon and halibut. Again, this was more difficult intellectually for me than physically. Physically it felt great to be adding in small amounts of these foods, but I was a little emotionally confused about it for a while. I felt as though I was leaving behind so much of the gold that I had discovered in the raw food diet! Eventually I realized that rather than leaving what I had learned as a raw foodist behind, I was instead “including and transcending.” I was able to include all the amazing things I had learned to eat as a raw foodist, and still transcend by fine tuning my diet to my new, pregnant needs.

What I have learned, and have come to embrace, is that I feel best when my diet is allowed to evolve along with me and my needs. What became very clear to me is that 100% raw vegan is very appropriate for me sometimes, especially as a healing/cleansing/re-set diet, but not necessarily all the time. It is one thing to know all of the scientific theory about diet, it is another thing to listen to what your body is asking for. I would have been very, very hungry and quite miserable had I stayed a dedicated raw foodist during my pregnancy, and although I had to let go of my ego’s attachment to being “100 % RAW,” it was quite a natural transition for me. (For a more in-depth read about my decision to add in animals foods to my diet, and to help you decide if they are right for you and your situation, click HERE.)

After the fist trimester was over I was able to eat all my favorite raw green foods again, and I had at least one green smoothie every day of my pregnancy. I ate loads of fresh, raw and mostly local raw foods, and enjoyed daily doses of superfoods and herbal teas. I was happy, felt well balanced, had no pregnancy related health challenges, did not experience mood swings (deep emotions yes, but didn’t feel “moody”) and was able to walk all over the mountain top where Sophia was born while I was in labor!! My body felt comfortable and strong, lush and delicious, up until the day I gave birth at 40 weeks. What I ate for my pregnancy was perfect for me and my needs, and while yours will be different, I can’t recommend raw foods and Juice Feasting as part of pregnancy preparation enough. They were invaluable to me in setting up excellent eating habits and a taste for extremely healthy foods. I  continue to make raw foods and juices the main players on my plate, and copious amounts of raw food and juice through out pregnancy are also highly recommended by this happy mama!!

It really doesn’t matter where on the Spectrum of Diet you are at, you will always do well by adding in more fresh fruits and veggies, GO FOR IT!! See Books and Resources for some great raw food book suggestions.



(NOTE: I am writing this when Sophia is only four months old, and know that my breastfeeding career  will go through many changes as the days and months go by. Check back for updates!)

Feeding myself during pregnancy was a breeze compared to feeding myself as a breastfeeding mom, particularly for the first three months of Sophia’s life. I was SO hungry all the time and it was a challenge to feed myself regularly enough and get in enough calories while also riding the non-stop wave of new mommy-hood. I didn’t eat any dairy for the first two months after Sophia was born, knowing that it is one of the biggest allergens to pass through mother’s milk onto the baby, and as always I avoided wheat, sugar, meat, and processed food. After two months of feeling like I was struggling to feel well nourished, I gently and slowly added in some Ghee (clarified butter) and Kefir, watching to see how Sophia reacted to the new additions. Happily she didn’t show any sign of upset and continued to thrive away quite happily. She is a delightfully happy, content baby, and never suffered from colic, and I believe that this is in part due to my diet and therefor her diet. I am eating far less dairy now  (currently about 2TBS of raw, organic butter and 2-4 eggs per week) than I did while I was pregnant, and have not been craving it in the same way. A little seems to go a long way.

What I found most difficult was knowing what to eat for breakfast. I continued to do at least a quart of Green Smoothie, but would breeze through that so fast and be ravenous within about an hour for something more dense and sustaining. I tried oatmeal, but oats are so good at increasing milk production that I had too much milk and Sophia got all gulpy and gassy. I tried spelt toast with almond butter but didn’t feel good eating that. Then my midwife recommended doing congee, something she recommends to all her breastfeeding moms as a good slow release carbohydrate (I craved carbs like crazy!) made with good whole grains. It is also something that is easy to make in big batches to keep in the fridge, easy to grab in a moment during the whirlwind of a newborn’s life. YES! Brown rice congee worked really well for me, and I found that a half-quart in the morning shortly after my Green Smoothie left me feeling happy and well nourished.

Once Sophia was past the three month mark I started to feel more like a pro and less like a neophyte at breastfeeding. She started eating a lot less often as her stomach grew bigger to hold more, and I started feeling more easily well nourished again. I stopped feeling the need for congee by the time Sophia was 3 1/2 months old, and Green Smoothies are once again my breakfast charm! I am finding myself naturally gravitating towards less cooked food and often have just one cooked meal a day (steamed veggies with tamari and tahini, potatoes with hemp oil and dulce, rice noodles with raw pine nut/parsley pesto, rye toast with avocado and kelp, quinoa with coconut butter and sea salt) along with salad, veggie sticks, or green juice.

Here are some of my favorite things to eat! (click on me)

Here is my Flickr Foodie album! (click on me)

Here are some of my favorite Raw Food preparation books! (click on me)


4 Responses to “Eat/Drink”

  1. I love love love hearing about your individual journey, your flow and your inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing so openly.
    xx Melissa mango

    1. katrinarain Says:

      I feel the same way about you! I feel so blessed to be on the path with you dear Melissa. Blessings to you and little one, xoxo Katrina

  2. Brooke Says:

    I love hearing about your journey as well. I don’t want to have kids for another couple years but I am so inspired to eat healthy and prepare my body now. You grew such a beautiful and healthy baby. Sophia is the proof that you know what you are talking about 😉
    Thanks again for being so open about everything!

    1. katrinarain Says:

      Thank you Brooke! I loved thinking about eating for my baby even before I was pregnant, because indeed we do! I found the thought “I eat as an act of love for my children” a very wonderful thought to have pre-conception, and beyond. May your path be bright Brooke!

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