I’ve been consciously into un-consumerism ever since I was nine years old and saw environmental activist David Suzuki giving a speech at the Stein Valley Festival. What I remember most clearly was David mentioning that a soda pop can will be used for all of 10 minutes by the consumer while they are drinking their soda, and then will sit in a land fill for hundreds of years! And on top of that there are all of the toxic things that go into making the can, including mining for the metal. So there I was, nine years old, in tears, stumbling along behind my dad and thinking that the world was going to end tomorrow if we didn’t do something NOW! My contribution to the solution was very noble for a nine year old, I told my dad that I was never, ever going to eat Mexi-Snax corn chips ever again because they came in a plastic bag, and I loved Mexi-Snax! Well, I did eat Mexi-Snax again, but I have never lost the awareness of the impact of my lifestyle, and have thus developed a passion for LIVING LIGHTLY!

To me, living lightly is not just the practical side of things (cloth shopping bags, buying second hand clothes, riding bikes and walking, living in a small space, etc.) but also includes a side less easy to talk about. That side is about the quality of life! (to be continued)

Mama Stuff

~ Maternity wear, nursing bras, pads,

Baby Stuff

Watch this! The Story Of Stuff (click on me)


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